Implementing principles and practices that are consistent with the current FDA guidelines and expectations does not have to be an overwhelming process. Our "to the point" training takes the mystery out of FDA requirements and provides you with common sense, cost effective approaches for your Process Validation efforts.

Successful Process Validation
Process Validation for Medical Devices
FMECA for Process Validation
DOE for Process Validation
Measurement System Analysis

Public Seminars
Process Validation for Medical Devices
DOE for Process Validation

eLearning Courses
Plastics Process Validation

In-House Customized Training
Our in-house training is customized to your specific Process Validation needs.

Process Validation Books

Phone Consulting
Do you have a question about Process Validation and need a quick answer? Our panel of experts can help.

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In addition to Process Validation and Design of Experiments, Launsby Consulting provides Tools, Webinars, and In-House Training in the following areas:
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Data Mining
  • Neural Networks/Fuzzy Logic
  • MultiVariate SPC
  • Design Control
  • Documentation Systems
  • MSA Gage Studies
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Management
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Six Sigma
  • Design for Six Sigma
  • Train the Trainer
  • Genetic Algorithms

The challenge facing corporations is to cut design and development time while producing low-cost, high quality products. Experimental Design is a premier tool in helping companies to meet this challenge.

DOE Software - DOE Wisdom
Launsby Consulting's Design of Experiments software offers practicality and ease-of-use ideal for beginners but with the computing power demanded by advanced users.

DOE Webinars
DOE for Injection Molding
Selecting the Correct Design Type for Your Experiment

DOE Public Seminars
Design of Experiments
DOE for Injection Molding

eLearning Courses
Design of Experiments (7 Modules)

In-House Customized Training
Our in-house training is customized to your specific Design of Experiment Training needs.

DOE Books

The Statapult is an excellent hands-on training tool for teaching a variety of statistical techniques, Design of Experiments and Six Sigma tools.

Because of the complexity and inherent non-linearity of this device, the Trebuchet serves as an excellent challenge for those who wish to go beyond the relative simplicity of the Statapult.

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Bob brings energy, a sound knowledge base, enthusiasm for the topic, and humor to the learning environment.

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