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Evaluating the Measurement System

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Title: Evaluating the Measurement System
Course Type: Self Paced
Estimated time to complete: 2 Hours

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Just as a manufacturing process may have variations and defects, the process of measuring and obtaining data may also have variation. Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) seeks to identify the defects in your measurement system.

Many people who have never learned about MSA assume the measurement system is fine as long as it is in calibration. It is true that calibration is essential, but even a calibrated measurement system can provide false readings if the measurement variation is excessive.

MSA analyzes the equipment, operations, software, personnel and procedures that are in place. MSA considers the following:

  • selecting the correct measurement and approach
  • assessing the measuring device
  • assessing procedures and operators
  • assessing any measurement interaction there may be
  • calculating the measurement uncertainty of individual measurement devices and/or measurement systems

By using the simple but powerful principles taught in our online training course, you will be able to determine measurement variation for your processes.

MSA Gage On-Line Training

Course Outline

  • The Perfect Measurement System
  • Definitions
    • Gage
    • Measurement System
    • Measurement Process
  • Measurement Value
    • Standard
    • Resolution
  • Why Measurement Matters
  • Blood Pressure Example
  • Repeatability
  • Reproducibility
  • Stability
  • Linearity
  • How Measurement Data is Used
  • What is a Gage R&R Study
  • Bias
  • Precision
  • Importance
  • Simple Repeatability Study
    • Step1 – Calibrate the gage
    • Step 2 – Select parts
    • Step 3 – Measure parts
    • Step 4 – Generate an Xbar/R chart
    • Step 5 – Assess the results
    • Step 6 – Take Action
  • Analysis of Variance
  • Variable Gage Study
  • Example using Minitab for Analysis
  • Gage R & R – Destructive Testing Example
  • Conclusion

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