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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis


Title: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
Course Type: Self Paced
Estimated time to complete: 2 Hours

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Using a systematic approach initially popularized in the aerospace industry, FMEA examines potential product and process failures and drives the team to eliminate obvious, as well as latent, causes. It is a formal way to identify potential problems and address ways to prevent or lessen the impact of them.

This technique is best applied at the earliest stages of product and process concept selection. It readily transforms itself into a living document as it grows and changes as knowledge about the subject changes over the life of the product.

Some of the benefits of the proper application of FMEA include:

Identification of potential product/process failure modes
Assessment of failure effects on the customer
Identification of the root cause of failure
Identification of where best to place controls
A tool to prioritize the actions of the team
A living history of the teams actions and thoughts through the life of the product/process

FMEA Scorecard


Course Outline

  • FMEA Definition
  • FMEA Benefits
  • FMEA Fundamentals
  • FMEA Types
    • Concept
    • Design
    • Process
    • Service
    • Software
  • FMEA Steps
    • Assemble the right team
    • Gather necessary documentation
    • Perform functional analysis
      • Work functions
      • Sell functions
    • Fill in header information
    • Identify applicable functions
    • Identify potential failure modes
    • Identify potential effects of failure
    • Assess severity of the effect
    • List potential causes of the failure
    • List the projected occurrence
    • List current design controls
    • Assess detection ability
    • Calculate risk priority number (RPN)
      • Possible ways to reduce severity rating
      • Possible ways to reduce occurrence rating
      • Possible ways to reduce detection rating
    • Document recommended actions, responsibility and completion dates
    • Document action results
  • Process FMEA "Fast Food Example"
  • Periodic reviews
  • When to modify FMEA's


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